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AQUASOMA® training agreement

Training agreement

This agreement is required to access the Aquasoma® training and course materials.

aquasoma pre-course module


This module is preparatory to any aquatic body-work course and it's mandatory to access the in-presence learning days.

You will receive important information that will help you get the most out of the intense days of training in the pool.
You will also begin to learn all about the flotation material that we use in the sessions (the floats).

International Watsu School Training Centre


INTRO is the entry-level course to familiarize yourself with the basic principles and techniques of Aquasoma®, in a safe and stimulating learning environment.

The core of this module focuses on learning how to interact with the central nervous system of the receiver and how to regulate it through the session.

The aim is creating the best conditions for the recipient to experience a change in its quality of life from the very first session.
Because of this reason the work focuses on the head and trunk: mobizing the cervical and dorsal spine, freeing the breath and easing tensions on the recipients' backs will provide them an unforgettable experience.

Aquasoma® Foundation


FOUNDATION builds on the skills acquired in the INTRO module and provides all the principles and concepts to become an Aquasoma® Essentials Specialist.

This module aims to offer the receivers a rejuvenating experience by improving their flexibility, relaxation and breathing, as well as facilitating the release of mental overload.

The program covers techniques that facilitate self-regulation of the central nervous system, expanding work from the head and trunk to involve the upper and lower limbs.

Aquasoma® Private Class

AQUASOMA® PRIVATE CLASS (Essentials level)

This module is preparatory and mandatory before accessing the Aquasoma® Essentials Specialist certification exam.

Aquasoma® Essentials Specialist exam - International School of Watsu


This is the final step to achieve the Aquasoma® Essentials Specialist certification. The instructor will check that all prior trainings steps have been fulfilled, that the experience sessions have been received, and that the 2-session exam has been succesfully completed.


In this specialization course for Aquasoma® and Watsu during pregnancy you will acquire specific training and learn new techniques to apply in aquatic bodywork with expectant mothers, as well as modifications of other techniques already studied in the Foundation module to specialise more closely with this type of client.


After 40 weeks of pregnancy, women may request a session to help induce labor naturally. Is there anything special to consider? In this second module we will look at this in more detail.

The effective and safe use of flotation devices, such as soft noodles and floating collars, will allow you to expand on the techniques learned in the first module. You will be able to cover each specific objective of your sessions with pregnant women, giving each part of the body the time and attention it really needs.

You will also learn specific bodywork techniques to address the lower extremities – legs and feet.

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